Bring a club like atmosphere to your school for your senior prom. We offer large sound systems that would make any club goer feel right at home. Keeping both teachers and administrators happy while entertaining the student body is our key selling point. We play the newest music and remixes that are sure to keep the students on the dance floor. Using club level lighting, Music Videos, Group Dances, and Special effects we can keep everyone having a great time. Contact us today to discover how we can help you theme your prom with lighting and motion effects.

Packages are customizable please contact for more detailed quote. 

  • 5 Hours Of School Edited Clean Music 
  • Large Sound Sound System
  • Large Lighting Rig (With Trussing)
  • Prom Theme Lighting (Under stars, Under Water, Moon, Clouds) 
  • Dancing On Cloud for King & Queen Dance
  • Around Room Up-Lighting
  • Music Video Projection
  • Atmospheric Effects (Fog / Haze / Snow / Bubbles)
  • Advanced Club Style Lighting 
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