Table Spot Lighting


Spot light the center piece of each table with this great enhancement. Bring a touch of light to each dinner table and put focus on each of your special center pieces.

Ask us about this upgrade when you book with us!

NEW 2017 Digital Cake Mapping

New for 2017 Chilly Sound Entertainment is pleased to announce our new Digital Cake Mapping. We can make take your cake and make it a amazing focal point. Allowing it to change colors or have animated graphics. Visit our video page to see examples of what this great effect can do.
Contact us today about adding this effect to your event.
Cake Projection / Cake Mapping
Room Up-Lighting

Around the Room Up-Lighting

The picture to the left is a great example of how this effect is put to amazing use, changing the look and feel of almost any room in minutes. We have another great example of this effect in use in our Media Gallery Video Page. The Colors are controlled by a computer and with today’s LED technology we can match your event colors making an elegant visual statement around the room.​

Ask us about this upgrade when you book with us!

Dancing on Clouds

This effect is the newest wedding trend to arrive to the Pittsburgh area. This creates a low lying cloud that our brides tend to enjoy for those memorable father / daughter dances. This effect is also a great upgrade to make that sweet 16 party to make your princess feel light she is floating on a cloud.
Contact us today about adding this effect to your event.
Dancing On Cloud
Dancing Under Stars

Dancing Under the Stars

Dance the night away under the stars inside. This is a great effect for those who want the magic of dancing out under the stars.

Customized Video Monogram

Brand your event with custom motion logos, or you & your bride/groom’s name. With motion Monograms you can send special messages to your guests, Brand your event, Give small instructions, or just do silly slide shows. The possibilities are limitless. Be sure to ask about this enhancement while your booking your event.

Customized Video Monogram
Customized Monogram

Standard Monogram Lightitng

Monogram lighting is another trend that has been becoming more popular over the last few years. We work with a manufacture to have a custom Monogram made.

​We work with you (the client) on the design and look of this image.
Just about anything can be done with this, from the bride and grooms name and wedding date to a simple holiday design the combinations are endless.
If you are interested in this effect make sure you ask us about it when booking your event. Click here to see samples!

Arial Laser Lighting

From Red to Green To Blue, we have laser lighting to makes you cool. This is a great way to impress your guests. Display a special message to them or just enjoy the laser effects. Bring the feel of a night club to your event. Bouncing beams of light around the room.
We can create the famous Liquid Sky Effect in several colors.
Contact us for more information about this effect.
Laser Sky
Video Projection

Video Projection / Display

Using either a projector and video screen or a 32″ LCD Tv we can display slide shows or custom videos to your guests. During school dances or birthday parties we use this to display music videos. we can also tie into the location video system to display video projections throughout the venue.

​Check the events page this upgrade is included in several event packages!
Also ask us about our slide show abilities with this effect!

Advanced Intelligent Lighting

Using the same technology you find at your favorite rock concert we use high end lighting fixtures to create dynamic movement throughout your event space. These devices allow us a 360 degree field of movement leaving no spot unable to have a great lighting effect.
This is a great way to spot-light you on special dances or to follow the king and queen across the dance floor at a Prom or Homecoming.

Be sure to ask us about this upgrade!

Advanced Intelligent Lighting
Cake Spot Lighting

Cake / Table Spot Lighting

Put your wedding cake in the spot light. Adding color, patterns, or images to a wedding cake. This thats your wedding cakes display to the whole next level.

Let It Snow

Throwing a Christmas party? want to bring the magic and wonder of snow indoors now you can! We supply the snow without the cold! Make it snow in July, for special dances or just to wow your guests with something they haven’t seen yet. All of this without ever needing gloves or a coat.


Dancing In Snow
Bubble Party

Bubble Party

Bring something unique to your next event with this bubble atmosphere effect. Kids of all ages can’t resist the urge to run up and pop those crazy little bubbles. This is a great effect for special dances during a wedding, school prom or any other event that you want to do something special. Combine this with the Black Light package and now you have shinny glowing bubbles drifting around your guests on the dance floor.

Black Light Throw Back

In the 80’s black lights where all the rage. Well here at Chilly Sound Entertainment we are bring this classic back. Throw a Black light dance and bring out those neon colors. (Ie Green, Pink, Orange work the best). Turn down the lights and watch as everyone glows! We can combine this with Bubble effect for a truly tripy lighting event with green glowing bubbles.

Black Light Party
Mic Drop

Boom Drop The Mic

Mic drops have become a big thing recently even Celebrities have been doing Mic drops and even the President Obama got in on this. If you’d like to do a mic drop during a toast, public address, or a speech we can certainly make that happen with a personalized Mic that you will get to keep after the event. Not sure if you want to do this? Well that’s not a problem either we will refund you enhancement at the end of the event. Now you too can drop the mic with style and flare!